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Whether exploring a new destination, visiting family or taking advantage of your favorite vacation spot, the dialysis treatment you need is close by. Especially during the summer months, it is important to make travel arrangements as soon as possible.

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*Dialysis Treatment Options Include

Incenter Hemodialysis
Dialysis that is done in the clinic, typically 3 times per week.

Home/NxStage Hemodialysis
Dialysis that is done at home, using home/NxStage dialysis equipment.

Home Peritoneal Dialysis
Dialysis that is done at home, but utilizes the patient's peritoneal membrane in the patient's abdomen to remove excess waste and excess fluid from the body.

A kidney transplant is the surgical placement of a healthy kidney into the body of a patient with kidney failure. Transplants are not performed at a dialysis clinic, but the clinic can assist with the dialysis and coordination that is needed prior to the transplant.